February Blog Carnival wrap-up, and #dungeon23 sparks for March

First things first, let's wrap up the February 2023 RPG Blog Carnival!

Alesmiter brings us procedures for speeding up wilderness travel - "Let's see how we can accelerate this if we stop asking the dice if an encounter has occurred and start asking them when the next encounter occurs."

Sea Of Stars brings us a procedure for generating ships coming into port - "Ships are arriving in Port Imperial all the time. So, for inspiration for such ships, we have another random table!"

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Seed Of Worlds brings us procedures for generating encounters by rolling overloaded dice on unlockable encounter tables - "So together we get the below - a flat chance of it being the type of encounter from the d6 and the probability curve of it being whatever is out there wandering about."

RPG Wandering brings us hexflower-powered procedures for tracking any kind of progress - "The basic idea of a hexflower is a random table with a memory. The next encounter/location/treasure rolled depends on where you currently are on the grid. This appeals to me as a way to track the PCs progress on all sorts of long-term projects, from inventing magic items, to tracking down an old ruin in the wilderness, to investigating some long-forgotten lore."

I wrote up a review of Skycrawl, an indie setting with a whole load of interesting procedures, and have started working on a spark-table-of-spark-tables for procedurally generating dungeons - more on this below!

But first the Carnival packs up and moves on to Sea Of Stars blog where the topic is "Taverns, Bars, and Places to Meet" - you can track the Carnival every month, and sign up to host a month, at the RPG Blog Carnival hub here.

Second things second, this month marks the third level of my dungeon23 efforts ... So let's find out what it is!

I just rolled 28 and 46 on my original spark table, which is "Song Edge" ... OK crikey, let's see what spark tables I can make from this!


Adjectives: singing, musical, lullaby, melodic, enchanting, lyrical, poetic, bardic

Denizens: mouth, siren, bard, songbird

Places: theatre, auditorium, choir, studio

Hazards: song, harmonics, echoes, enchantment

Treasures: harp, sheet music, warhorn, melody


Adjectives: sharp, linear, edgy (shrug), steep, precipitous, split, cutting, final

Denizens: slicer, pusher, diver, wall hugger

Places: cliff, ravine, shore, void

Hazards: precipice, dead end, pit, blade

Treasures: sword, filament, cut-off, fulcrum

Yeah not great ideas on my part but should be fun (I really should get round to that curated table!

While I ponder this ... what interesting sparks can you come up with (rolling a d8 on one set of adjectives and a d4 on one of the lists from the other set)??

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