Join the January 2021 Blog Carnival: Characters, Stories, and Worlds

Happy New Year! 

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I'm pleased to be hosting the first RPG Blog Carnival of 2021, to join in simply write a blog post on any of these topics...

  • Character or NPC creation
  • Writing character backstories and motivations
  • How you play interesting/fun characters
  • Plotting campaigns or story arcs
  • Tips or tools for writing adventures
  • Your favourite adventures or setting books
  • Worldbuilding resources or tips
...or any topic of your own choosing that loosely fits the theme.  At the moment I'm particularly interested in how we can build player backstories and goals into the campaign story and world and would love to know how you build your characters, your stories, your worlds.

Leave a comment on this post with a link to your submission, and go check out everyone else's while they check out yours.  At the end of the month I'll wrap up all the submissions in a debrief post and hand over to the next host, so be sure to check them out and take part in February's carnival too!

Not a blogger? If you're inspired to start a relevant thread on Reddit or Discord or a forum or Twitter (etc) then please post a link to it in the comments too!

If you are a blogger and would like to host the Carnival one month, or anyone who wants more information or to view the carnival archives, just head on over to the official RPG Blog Carnival home page on the OfDiceAndDragons blog.

Note: Due to the arcane inner machinery of the Blogger platform, you'll need to add an HTML tag when you comment for your links to show - like so:

<a href="">Name of your blog post</a>

(or just post the URL and I'll sort you a link ;) )

Looking forward to reading your submissions already, and I wish you all a great year!


  1. Coincidentally, The Other Side and various other blogs are doing the #charactercreationchallenge in January - if you are too then good luck, and please let us know how you're getting on!

  2. Hi Tom, this is an article I was going to do anyway, but it seems to connect to your Carnival theme (maybe a little off to one side of it). I may get something else up before the Carnival moves on as well. Blog Carnival Jan 2021: Pandemic Reflections. Sharing a link in case you don't get a pingback (which seem to be very hit-and-miss these days).

    1. Hi Mike, I don't think pingbacks have ever worked for me!

      Interesting reading, and you are of course welcome to come back later in the month too.

    2. Ten years ago, they were reliable. Five years ago, they were semi-reliable. These days, they are almost completely unreliable. Worse, site settings and URLs now contain 'opt-out' options - making pingbacks a dying phenomenon. Glad you enjoyed the post :)

  3. Excellent! I love participating in the Blog Carnivals.
    Here is my post for Day 4 of the #CharacterCreationChallenge and the Blog Carnival.
    Character Creation Challenge: Dungeons & Dragons, Basic Edition

    1. Thanks Timothy, good luck with the challenge!

  4. I hope to write something up specifically for this Blog Carnival, especially as I am hosting next month's Carnival! But the review of did for The Sixth Shotgun touches on several of the subjects above:

    Thanks for hosting!

    1. Thanks Sean, any ideas how to go about building a campaign/adventure from a novel(la)?

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Jeremy, it's always interesting to see people's process - and I think Kevin Crawford sets the gold standard for random tables, nice to see them being used.

  6. I think this might overlap on more than one category, and it was your kind comment on the original post that brought me here (hope the tag works):

  7. We looked at why leveling in RPGs is broken!

    Player characters have tons of story potential within themselves, but how do you harness that? I suggest a mechanical way to make leveling about more than just gaining new skills and feats:

    Great topic and thanks for hosting!


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