Monday 16 October 2023

Gorkamorka mob building and loadouts

I've had a couple more games of GorkaMorka and started building my own minis to represent my mob (as I borrowed them last time). Rules-as-written there are a few things to consider when choosing gear for my Boyz

  • Everyone gets knives/knuckles free, meaning there's no reason any boy can't have multiple melee weapons
  • The +1 Attacks bonus for having multiple melee weapons only applies to Boyz who don't have any two handed weapons
  • The Big Shoota is hands down the best weapon, no reason not to take one on each vehicle apart from cost!
There's no advantage to having a pair of Choppas or a pair of Sluggas (apart from if one of them runs out of ammo) or a 'Uge Choppa and another melee weapon, so I've been reviewing my mob's loadouts.

Gorkamorka actual play - gw orks
The boyz grabbing some loot

My Nob's switched out his Slugga for a Shoota as they cost the same and the Shoota is better at range at the cost of being two-handed - so he got no benefit from using the Slugga with his 'Uge Choppa. Not that that would have stopped him being taken out by one of Jim's grots (above, left) - oh the shame!

Oddly, Slugga + Choppa is probably the best loadout for a Nob, despite the urge to beef them up. The game is definitely designed for boyz to go ranged OR melee, and I'm trying to make them all unique:

Melee/CQ 3-teef loadouts:
  • Slugga + Choppa/Chain/Spear
  • 6 Shoota + Choppa/Chain/Spear
I might play around with them but the other melee weapons (spears etc.) just don't feel like they have as much utility as a good ol' Choppa. Happy to take advice!

Ranged 3-teef loadouts:
  • Kannon (worth trying out)
  • Shoota + Choppa (for the strength bonus?)
  • Shoota + Shield (cause I think it would look cool and might work?)
Stuff I'm toying with:
  • 2x 6 Shootas (two rounds of firing before needing to reload) - 4 teef
  • Shoota + 'Uge Choppa - 4 teef
  • Frag stikkbombs (only? Nothing really adds much and they're already fairly expensive - but presumably fun) - 3 teef
  • Just a Slugga - for the drivers - 2 teef
Going to try a few of these out. Thankfully I won a few bags of teef so I've put a Big Shoots on my second trukk too.

Suggestions for fun loadouts accepted in the comments!

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