Saturday 1 July 2023

RPG Blog Carnival: Terrain, Seasons, Weather (oh my)

And so the RPG Blog Carnival rolls into town once more, this month's topic is "Terrain, Seasons, Weather" - and how you use them in your games.

Inspired by a post I read about the impact of describing the sky in our GM narratives, and an interesting comment on my last month's carnival submission regarding the narrative and mechanical effects of terrain types, I'm interested in how people use terrain, weather, and the changing seasons in their games - narratively and mechanically.

To participate, simply write a blog post connected to the prompt and post a link to it in the comments of this post, for example:

  • How you use weather and terrain in wilderness travel?
  • Games where the seasons are important to gameplay?
  • How you use the changing of the seasons, and the festivals that mark their turning?
  • Do you use something interesting like hex flowers to generate changes to the weather?
  • Reviews of relevant resources?
  • Anything else related to the topic!

At the end of the month I'll do a wrap-up of all the submissions and the carnival will move on to somewhere else.

On that note: the RPG Blog Carnival has been running since 2008 but now it needs more hosts for 2023 - if you'd like to host please check out more info on the carnival and fill in the sign-up form here.


  1. Sorry to be late to the party but wanted to support the Blog Carnival! Here is a link to a discussion of Weather in the Sea of Stars:

    1. LINK - thank you for your support and the interesting ideas

  2. My blog carnival entry - Strange weather from magical terrain

    1. LINK - thanks for the inspiring random tables!

  3. Here is my entry:

    1. LINK - thanks, I think I would use this as a base for regional weathers in my games


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