Sunday, 23 January 2011

Gamma World: session 2... and sandbox world creation

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In which many things go BOOOOOM, and our heroes don't get quite the welcome they were expecting...

Our intrepid young heroes were last seen amidst a giant explosion in Redman town hall - and now was their chance to react. Picking up the unconscious town Elder, they staggered for the door just in time to bump into a shadowy figure fleeing into the gathering crowd. And the arrival of the town guard. Being strangers in town, they were naturally suspects, and were *supposed* to go quietly... but Murtt and Bugeye had different plans!

Last week's Gamma World session was another rock-n-roll derailment of the Adventure Railroad, but all the more fun for it! Our heroes blasted and decapitated a good few guards before they were subdued - Alternity's combat rules make for tense and bloody battles - and awoke in jail, stripped to their underwear and now awaiting trial for murder... not likely to get out of that one lads!

True to the plot in the back of the setting book, the real perps turned up to release them (with another stick of dynamite and a rather flimsy reason) before they jumped into a boat and headed across the lake.

My plans to let them go free and back to their home town continued to be foiled by Bugeye's crazed desire to go back to the town for his stuff, and Murtt's insistence that he wasn't going out into no wasteland in his pants. I managed to talk them out of murdering their liberator and stealing his stuff by offering them a couple of 9mm pistols (and d12 rounds) at SMG-point before turning tail and getting out of range before they could get the guns loaded.


* The ongoing stand-off as our heroes refused to go quietly - even when I had the town hall collapse in flames on their hard won belongings and threatened to have them shot. These two are really getting stuck into the every-man-for-himself post apocalyptic world, and are really going to have fun with their new found outlaw status...

* Bugeye getting a critical hit on a giant flying piranha in the first round of combat - breaking its skull with the oar he was wielding and essentially ending a potentially fatal encounter as the rest of the brood fed on its bleeding remains.

* Their village Elders believing their lies about the people of Redman, and sending off an envoy to investigate... He he he.

Where to go now? It seems we're all up for crazy anything-goes plotting here, so I've got a few ideas. I was using this game as a filler while I built my sandbox Pathfinder world... but as we're having so much fun I think i might just keep running with Gamma and try to do it in this world.

Wish me luck - I'll try to keep you all updated on the process.

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