RPG Blog Carnival - One Roll Festivals

Festivals can add colour and a change of scene and pace to our games, so grab a set of polyhedrals (or roll one at the bottom of the post) and let's see what's going on!

The d4 - origins:
  1. It's ancient, dating back to before the current civilisation began.  Perhaps the current rulers are trying to stop it, or perhaps it's important that the people who celebrate it don't die out?
  2. It's traditional and has been practiced for generations here.  Perhaps the original meaning has been lost, or prophecy states it must run for 100 years?
  3. It's new.  Perhaps the organisers could do with some help getting things set up, or perhaps someone is trying to make sure it's not a success?
  4. Outsiders. It's touring.  Perhaps some mischief - or wonder - follows in its wake?
The d8 - this festival celebrates or ensures:
  1. Fertility
  2. Safe passage into the Underworld
  3. Safe return of kinfolk from afar
  4. An historic victory over enemies
  5. A local or mythical beast or hero
  6. Bountiful harvest
  7. Protection from an outside evil
  8. The holy day of a deity

The two d10s - festival trappings (ignore duplicates):
  1. The streets are strung with lights or bunting or something similar
  2. Gender conventions are reversed or blurred
  3. A myriad of trinket stalls pop up all over town
  4. A special dish is only prepared during the festival
  5. The streets are strewn with flowers, coins, bones, or other small items
  6. Businesses change their opening hours for the duration
  7. A variety of street performers on every corner
  8. A trial, hunt, or gauntlet is the centrepiece
  9. A special symbol is worn and daubed on buildings
  10. Rare or unusual flora is planted - or appears - in the streets

 The d6 - festivalgoers are encouraged (or forbidden) to:
  1. Dress in bright colours and dance gaily
  2. Dress in sackcloth and scorn luxury
  3. Feast for days, quaff wine, and fornicate
  4. Fast and meditate until near death
  5. Sacrifice something to a higher being
  6. Give to charity and show compassion

The d20 - adventure hooks:
  1. A child is lost, or appears from nowhere
  2. Something has been stolen, or given unwanted
  3. It's a cover for smugglers
  4. It's actually a ritual, for good or ill
  5. A politician wants to use it for their own ends
  6. The party loses a day but no-one will acknowledge it
  7. The veil between worlds or planes is lifted
  8. Something is summoned by accident
  9. Raiders attack without warning and carry something off
  10. The festivalgoers are transfixed or hypnotised
  11. Someone leaves the festival "changed"
  12. Nobody can leave or enter the festival grounds
  13. Fae, demons, or aliens are glimpsed on the outskirts
  14. Groups competing for a title or privilege are canvassing for support 
  15. Folk from strange lands mingle with the locals
  16. A vital macguffin must be found before the festival ends
  17. Magic is amplified or negated in the festival grounds
  18. Someone must be prepared for a special role in the celebrations
  19. The festival appears or disappears at midnight
  20. Someone is trying to stop the festivities

The d12 - a key NPC is:
  1. The Master of Ceremonies
  2. The child with 100 year wisdom
  3. The mysterious masked mime
  4. The most beautiful maiden
  5. The unseen prowler in the crowds
  6. The Speaker of Tongues
  7. The murder victim
  8. The man with a cat's eyes
  9. The corrupt official
  10. The local celebrity
  11. The foreign Lord
  12. The fortune teller

Big thanks to Of Dice And Dragons for running the carnival, and to Roll4 for hosting this month's festivities! 

There are more of my RPG random generators here or follow @plaspoly on twitter for some random results. I would love to hear your feedback in the comments, and about the adventures you generated using these tables.


  1. I've added a random roller function to the post, just to see if I could really! I got:

    This ancient festival celebrates or ensures the safe return of kinfolk. In town, street performers appear on every corner, unusual flora appears all over, and the people are encouraged to show charity and compassion. During the festivities the party realise that someone at the festival is "changed" and only the victim of a murder can help them unravel the mystery...

  2. This is awesome! I got: "This new festival celebrates or ensures the safe return of kinfolk. In town, all talk is of the upcoming trials, businesses change their hours, and the people are encouraged to feast, quaff, and fornicate. During the festivities the party realise that the attacking raiders are trying to carry something off and only the foreign Lord can help them unravel the mystery..."

    I'm adding this entry to my favorites right now ;)

    1. Oh that's brill, glad you like it. I have plans to make more so watch this space and let me know if you have any suggestions.


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