Monday, 31 January 2011

Monday Mini: Belter Battlewagon

My group's current wargaming fix comes from playing Starmada - although we're starting to get tired of the "superweapon arms race", any suggestions? - and much as I love my little GZG Neu Swabians I've always been blown away by the Belter ships designed by Coines23 on Here's someone who's embraced a new way of producing minis - these are 3D printed on demand, not cast in moulds - by designing ships that would be almost impossible to produce by "conventional" means.

Expensive? Yes. Awesome? Undoubtedly.


  1. Ooh! Yes indeed that is a lovely line of ships! I've actually blogged about them on a number of occasions and I think it's simply a matter of time before I get myself a little belter fleet.

    Really really cool!

  2. Well, it seems shapeways is making it easier to buy outside of the US... so I may be tempted myself.

    Need to fudge/houserule/make a solid space combat game I'm happy with first...


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