Friday Freebie: Warcanto

Not Friday, but still free - it's skirmish wargame Warcanto!

I got a copy of the rules from a friend when we were looking for filler games... And have just got round to reading them.

The rulebook is beautifully presented - not just for a free .pdf - and illustrated, giving the basic details of how to play and the various races. Each faction also has its own army book with more detailed info and ability ladders for their leaders - presumably these are being added to as the writers add more units and rules.

The basic concept:
Roll a d10 against a stat to be successful, or a stat+d5 opposed roll, which covers the whole gamut of combat options. Basic units can only perform a few basic actions - shoot nearest target, move, attack in melee etc. - unless they are within the sphere of influence of a commanding figure. These leaders can issue orders to enable troops to go beyond their basic functions - such as charging, assigning targets, and generally acting in a coordinated manner.

Well worth looking into for any fantasy gaming fan, and the minis are beautiful too - but there's no reason why players can't grab the free rules and play with whatever they've got. Dwarves, Orcs, Beastmen, Humans will all make suitable substitutes for the currently available races... and keep an eye out for the Oriental-themed Elves who have yet to be statted up.

Interested? Grab the free rulebooks and army lists from the DwarfTales website HERE.

More cool free stuff to follow, keep 'em peeled.


  1. Hmm... I've been looking at Warcanto recently, but mostly at the minis. Time to have a look at the rules I guess. :)

  2. We've not played a game yet... but the rules do seem pretty solid. As you get sooo much more gaming time in that we do, let us know how it goes if you do give it a bash!

    Wonder what next Friday's Freebie will be? And when it will be posted..?

  3. Haha! Does it seem like I game that much? Usually it's not more than three or four times per month. Wish it was more though. :)


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