Saturday, 25 September 2010

Starting Spycraft

Because I haven’t posted anything for a while I thought an update might be in order. Last games night the players took the time to generate some characters for the Spycraft 2.0 game that I am going to run as a filler game between our Pathfinder adventures. Well that was the idea anyway; however after reading the games substantial rules set and then spending considerable time to develop my own setting it’s clear that this is more than a causal game but a fully developed campaign in its own right.

The Crafty Games people have made a really cool rule set in this book that whilst I have heard many objections to the game as being rule heavy I think that they will suit my groups need for crunch very nicely. The combat rules alone are superb from what I have read and it remains to be seen how the work on the table. We do have an advantage in that we have played Fantasycraft in the past so hopefully that will help us out on the night so to speak.


  1. Time will tell - looking forward to next week!

  2. Espionage is probably my second favorite genre.

    We had two Spycraft 2.0 books. The GM's book lost a few pages, while mine practically blew apart. Just be careful with them - all those pages takes its toll on that binding.

    Our Spycraft 2.0 campaign fizzled out. Let us know how yours goes.

  3. Tourq our first session has gone well so far, I am just running them through a training mission to start with.

    It’s a nice change of pace and I am looking forward to next week as it should be a very interesting nights game.


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