Sunday, 18 April 2010

And the main reason...

...that there's been little activity: I've started making my own games properly - not just the ever-in-development VIRUS RPG, the first off the press is Loop. I'm building the site for my stuff now, so it's not going to pollute this page after this.

Next project: critical hit / failure cards for d20 / GURPS / Savage Worlds / and of course, VIRUS...


  1. I love critical hit / failure cards and tables. Although, I think they make my players groan...


  2. Yeah, same here ;-)

    Critical injuries are an integral part of VIRUS anyway, and I prefer cards to tables - don't ask me why.

    Problem is how to convert them to the other systems as VIRUS rolls hit location before damage (it's taken from the to-hit roll) so they're all location based. I'm sure I'll think of something!

    Best critical failure result ever: "You make yourself look foolish - all other players point at you and laugh..."

  3. Looking forward to seeing these cards and the VIRUS system. Crits are always fun so bring it on!


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