Sci-Fi Dungeon / Derelict Adventure Generator

I saw there is a One Page Derelict jam on and thought it would be fun to write up my first Stars Without Number adventure, set on a derelict refuelling station. If these tables give you any ideas for an adventure why not check out the jam?

Based on my seemingly popular 5 Room Dungeon tables from last year. Just roll a set of polyhedral dice and consult the tables for inspiration.

The d20 - Access is challenging because:

  1. it is surrounded by space debris.
  2. its automatic defences are still active.
  3. it is invisible to active sensor sweeps.
  4. pirates or other raiders swarm nearby.
  5. it was lost due to a hyperspace mis-jump.
  6. it is guarded by an alien construct.
  7. all the airlocks are on emergency lockdown.
  8. someone rich/powerful keeps it secret.
  9. it is embedded in an asteroid.
  10. it has drifted too far out of the system.
  11. it requires antique access keys/protocols.
  12. there are rumours that it's haunted.
  13. the wreckage is under quarantine.
  14. it is infested with vermin or aliens.
  15. it drifted into solar storms or radiation.
  16. the owning megacorp hushed it up.
  17. military access codes are required.
  18. a decoy hides its real location.
  19. its location is known only to a select few.
  20. a rogue AI guards against intruders.

Image (cc) RadoJavor

The d6 - A group of:

  1. personality cultists
  2. political or religious outcasts
  3. mutants or aliens or robots
  4. conspiracy theorists
  5. military deserters
  6. super-rich hedonists

The d10t - ...make things interesting by:

  1. setting dangerous booby traps.
  2. trying to get something out.
  3. trying to get something inside.
  4. turning the wreck into a puzzle.
  5. activating experimental or alien tech.
  6. being dangerously incompetent.
  7. trying to reactivate the vessel.
  8. racing the PCs to the objective.
  9. claiming the wreckage as a base.
  10. dying here, in a colourful manner.

The d12 - The complication: 

  1. a fake item or forged data
  2. switchbacks and dead ends
  3. environmental hazards
  4. a person who is not as they seem
  5. something from a character backstory
  6. a threat that was previously ignored
  7. the actions of a traitor
  8. unexpected boarding action
  9. someone interfering from outside
  10. hostages or trapped crew
  11. something missing a vital piece
  12. the derelict hulk breaking up

The d4 - ...mean(s) that:

  1. precious time may be wasted.
  2. oxygen or power etc. may run out.
  3. the party may get split up.
  4. a hard choice must be made.

The d8 - The final encounter:

  1. is the reverse of what was expected
  2. is hampered by the environment
  3. requires the party to split their focus
  4. has been designed as a lure or ambush
  5. takes place outside, in space
  6. is a race against the clock
  7. is centred around a maguffin
  8. can be affected from elsewhere

The d10u - The revelation:

  1. a former ally is revealed as an enemy.
  2. a former enemy is revealed as an ally.
  3. the objective is missing or faulty.
  4. there is a hidden tech or data stash.
  5. in the confusion, something goes missing.
  6. PCs are irradiated or infected etc.
  7. impending doom, PCs must evacuate.
  8. the PCs' means of escape is cut off.
  9. a clue confirms or refutes a rumour.
  10. a clue reveals a new connection.
Hoping this will also come in handy for making drop-in-anywhere dungeons for my ongoing SWN campaign. I am working on getting an automated roller set up and running but I'm on mobile only at the moment so please bear with me!

If you have tips to share on adventure generation please drop by this month's RPG Blog Carnival hub, or let me know in the comments.


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