Rollin' with it: Piratical feats 'n' treats

Arrrgh! | PiratesImage (cc) Joriel "Joz" Jimenez via Flickr
Yarr!  My Freeport game for Pathfinder is gathering speed - in my head at least.  I've been reading through the Pirate's Guide and getting a handle on the wheels rolling behind the setting.

E6 games need feats, so I got some Combat, Subterfuge and Immediate Action feats from Genuis Guide to keep my players (and NPCs) up to speed.  The "Immediate Action" feats are pretty cool, essentially providing more options for Attacks of Opportunity - throwing weapons and all sorts.

While I was scouting for feats I also came across the GG "Loot 4 Less" range of low-level magic items.  The idea is that rather than dishing out potion after potion at low levels, the guides give plenty of well rounded and statted permanent magic items.  Works for me - and where would a pirate game be without loot?

So: Feats - check!  Loot - check!  World - getting there... but hurrah for cheap 3rd party support!

Next time:  Colouring In, or making the sketch into a picture.

Got any tips for "fast and loose" GMing?  Why not comment or submit a guest post - and help me out..?


  1. Are you running a Freeport game or are you going to be a player in it?
    And this Pirate'S Guide you reference, is it a Freeport book, or part of a different set?
    Do you know if they have ship combat rules in there?

    I am a co-writer for and we are working on a nautical/pirate-esque campaign and we were wondering if there is a good OGL ship combat system that works or if we will have to make our own... we have found that other 3rd party books have different rules and none of them get it quite right. A lot of good *ides* but doesn't really pan out

    and yeah, the "Loot 4 Less" books are awesome for the low-level magic items in a campaign! It's nice to throw in "different" things that people don't expect and/or haven't seen!

  2. I'm planning on running Freeport, there are links to all the books I'm talking about in the prev. post "A Place to call Home" - click the Freeport tag...

    The Pirate's Guide to Freeport is a systemless setting book - and very detailed too - and then there is a system-specific Companion for PF, 4e, d20, SW... etc... with the "rules" and stats for NPCs mentioned in the PG.

    I don't believe there are ship combat rules in the Freeport PF book, I was going to use the abstract ones from StormWrack for 3.5/OGL - which also offers detailed rules too, IIRC.

    Good luck!

  3. Ah I see!

    Thanks! I will definitely look into that! :)

    And good luck to you too! :)


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