Tuesday, 25 January 2011

RPG / Boardgame System Scan

Taking a breather from Pathfinder has got my mind wandering again - I guess my love of the crunch and my desire to tell compelling stories leave me lost in the no-man's land between rules-light and GURPS... I'm still looking for The Perfect System folks!

Interest in Freemarket has been piqued by The Chatty DM's posts on character generation and a session report over at CriticalHits. It seems Luke Crane's merged Mouse Guard's character creation with FATE's aspects to create a very intriguing transhuman RPG. Will my group play it? Will they heck - but I might be able to "borrow" some ideas...

Talking of FATE, StufferShack has dished up some interesting news on Strands of Fate... which has prompted me to read my Dresden Files game books again, just to see if I could convince my group to play that either! I like the idea of Aspects driving roleplay and story - and clearly other people do too, in that they're trying to houserule them into their other games.

Less "for me", but still intriguing is Untold's attempt to merge the RPG with the CCG - don't click that X, I'll make it quick! - which I could see playing out like PDQ - shudder, in that damage reduces your abilities - for quick filler games. One to keep an eye on?

Boardgames wise, I've been grabbed by both Warcanto and Earth Reborn as squad-based skirmish games (fantasy and sci-fi, respectively) that have some kind of nod to actual LEADERSHIP - and no, not just in a roll-under-or-run-away kinda way. I'm looking at you, 40k.

About time I started writing up reviews of some of my favourite core mechanics, perhaps?


  1. Not heard of it until now - but it looks like the kind of 3.5 reworking that my group likes, so I'm going to have to re-read the PDF slowly in the near future!

    I'm considering starting a weekly showcase of free gaming "stuff", so any info on free indie/beta games I can get will definitely come in handy...


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