Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Playing With Myself: Monsterpocalypse #1

I've never tried solo gaming before, but I noticed there were rules for a solitaire game in the MonPoc book I'd dug out with all my old figures...

Monsterpocalypse is a deceptively strategic game - but as I'd only ever played the incredibly aggressive Planet Eaters, I'd never really given the nuances much thought. Time to switch sides: taking on the mighty Gorghadra (!) with the collection of Cthul units I'd swapped with a friend for the wimpy ShadowSun and Martian minis I'd had... The joy of collectible games - but I digress.

My plans of attack were:
* Go for combined BLAST (ranged) attacks with my little Spitters to wear the big guy down.
* Fall back on the Task Masters' fling ability to essentially throw my own units at him to cause damage.

That's pretty much it... and I have to say I was impressed by the little Lovecraftian guys' ability to multiply the damage up - it's just a shame that by the time I'd destroyed Big G's Alpha form I was in disarray and couldn't coordinate my forces enough to penetrate Ultra Gorghadra's increased defences. He still had 3 health left when the last building of my city fell... and I'd managed to get in two attacks in the final round that both fell one point short of wounding him.

Overall, good fun - and lessons learnt for next time! - but I'd much rather face an opponent for some 60ft-monsters-throwing-each-other-through-buildings shenanigans. I might just have to get back into this game...


  1. I have been wanting to check out Monsterpocalypse for some time now. Maybe I'll get a chance at the convention this weekend.

  2. It's a great game - it takes a while for the subtleties to work their way into your head, but I hope you get chance to give it a go.

    I think Privateer Press brought out the Battle Box - with two proper full armies in it - for the people who've had their eye on it for a while, I'd certainly get a box if I knew I wouldn't get any duplicates!


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