Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Spycraft 2.0 - first impressions

Icosahedron.Image via WikipediaWell - I have to say I'm impressed.

Spycraft is, along with Pathfinder, refuelling my love of the 3.5 rules system... the core mechanics are the same, but the variety that different publishers can squeeze out of a d20 is amazing.

CraftyGames have done an excellent job of bringing something fresh to the table, particularly in making INT and WIS still useful in a non-magical universe.

My favourite class?
Schemer. The ability to use your INT bonus on any skill check is genius, and makes for a very fun "leader" character - which is what 4E's sorry Warlord class should have been...

Combat is apparently pretty complex - but we do love the crunch! We'll have to take it as it comes, but I for one am very excited by the change of pace that SpyCraft presents...
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  1. "which is what 4E's sorry Warlord class should have been..."

    What?! How dare you?! Blasphemy! ...and my words will carry even more weight after I actually play the Warlord.


  2. He He ;-)

    Thought I'd prod that hornets' nest and see what happened... In all honesty, the one Warlord character we've had was awesome, but hampered by the fact that he had to hit something for his powers to go off - so his bumped up CHA and INT to help the team was useless because his STR was "only" 16!

  3. Normally, I'm not one to read game session recaps, but I'd be interested in hearing about your missions as they come up...

  4. There's a brief recap at StalingradBob (See the sidebar) from last week - very brief, I'm afraid.

    I'll try to write up a session/story report when I can - I think Dave has made the ObsidianPortal wiki for SpyCraft private, otherwise I'd write an IC session report up there...


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