Saturday, 18 June 2011

What's been a'happening in the Polyhedral Tower...

It's been a while - insanely busy at work, I'm afraid - but although I've been too busy to post, I've not been too busy to game!  See photographic evidence below:

Our group's been working on our own near-future / SF skirmish rules, although some of the factions are expanding way beyond "skirmish" size!  Pretty cool-ly, the rules still hold for larger forces too... hopefully we'll post a beta soonish ... if anyone's interested in playing.

Currently, the others have been collecting and painting up some 15mm armies; Dave has got hold of some Peter Pig AK47 IDF troops to use as Brazilians, along with some 1:100 modern choppers for air support - rules pending - while Nath's American force consists of some Khurasan marines and a frankly enormous tank.  I've been busy building some terrain for us to fight over, as cover is very important in our rules:
15mm scale modular urban terrain - very much WIP!
...and terrain building for Hordes Of The Things too:
12" square cork tile boards - more, and forests, to follow.
...although my armies aren't quite up to scratch yet!

Only played a couple of games of HOTT, nearly got hang of the rules, and it seems like a fun little system.  Look out for fantastic takes on Ancients coming, if I know our lot...

AND we're getting back into RPGs too, building characters for Dave's Mythos inspired 3.5 and/or FantasyCraft based system.  Love the crunch, having land, and the family ties - and the fact that all the files he wrote for the 3.5 version won't fit on my USB stick!

Thanks to all for the steady trickle of interest over the hiatus - blogbacks since last time:
  • StufferShack goes from strength to strength, bringing together all sorts of RPG blogging expertise into one well stuffed ... um ... shack?
  • Adventures and shopping has multitudinous news and reviews with a tasty Old School flavour - and an eye out for RPG bargains too.
  • The Armchair General - home of When the Navy Walked - brings fresh inspiration for my VSF Hordes o t Things armies...
  • The Dark Dungeon Vaults continues to expand - now with over 1000 RPG-related blogs (!) including yours truly... good work!
  • Pen and lead promises a review of the Skrapyard minis we featured a couple of months ago ... and from the quality of painting I've seen, I'm looking forward to seeing them finished!
  • Mr Lee has some amazing modular city terrain pics up - amongst other things - very inspiring!
  • SupergalacticDreadnaught (award winning! :p) makes me want to play space combat games and Hordes of the Things - even more than usual!
  • Savage Afterworld brings the post-apocalypse to the table - yay for Gamma World!
  • Kingsleypark owns up, amidst some very nostalgic photos, to (accidentally) cheating at Blood Bowl.  Now there's one to bring back - nobody mention that I sold my polystyrene-board copy a few years ago... ;-(
  • Dark Horse (home of Errant RPG) continues to expand, and offers insight into game design.
  • Colonel Shofer is definitely up to something ... but what?
  • Tomsche69 continues to broaden my miniature world - in a similar but different way to Dropship Horizon - from superheroes to manga... 
  • ...and if you've never been to Dicecreator's Blog - you really should!
  • Rough War of the Ring has some very nice spaceships and well illustrated massed tabletop battlereps 
  • WrathOfZombie continues to take bits from all kinds of games and use them to tinker with an RPG system - currently working on AGE (the DARPG engine) - and makes for interesting reading around Vornheim.

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