Friday, 1 April 2011

Pathfinder session report - good to be playing again!

OrcsImage by Steve B Chamberlain via FlickrButt kicking - for goodness!

Picking up our PFRPG campaign, Caedric and Falstoff dove bravely into a goblin infested crypt to rescue a kidnapped child...  My summoner's ranged attacks were limited due to poor lines of sight and lack of darkvision (the human had my Light cantrip cast on his glaive to help him see what he was slaying) but much fun was had summoning creatures when my eidolon "died" fighting a bunch of orcs and bugbears.

Also, I discovered the joy of Grease (the spell, not the film) and what was an incredibly tense encounter - we were both wounded and falling back - into a highly amusing display of the orcs inability to ice skate... They spent more time on their backsides than on their feet, while we used our reach weapons with impunity to slay them.  Flastoff's glaive is pretty cool in action, and generally did enough damage to one-shot the majority of the enemies we faced.

I did, however, throw my spear at the goblin boss and crit quite nicely - piercing him through and pinning him to the wall.  Filthy greenskins.

I've fallen into a support/control role - which is fine with me, and highly enjoyable.  Roll on next week!
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