Saturday, 15 January 2011

Science Fiction, Sextuple Feature! Surge buffer overload...

I was just sitting thinking about how to redesign my "bombers" for Starmada - I was hoping to use some of the nifty NSL strikeboats from Ground Zero Games to differentiate them from my corvettes - when I thought I'd slide by FireBroadside to see how the StarBlazers fleet was coming along...

Yet another awesome game moving under my radar, in the form of the very intriguing-looking Earth Reborn.
I've been looking for small scale SF (or Fantasy, to be honest) skirmish games for a long time: Necromunda's too much like 40k, the beautiful Infinity is being avoided because I know it would just wind up being a huge time-and-money sink (!), and Heavy Gear for the same reasons... And a couple of us have had an eye on AT-43 for a loooong time, but that's got a £60 entry fee.

Hopefully I'll get some of my group into Monsterpocalypse! :D

Maybe ER snuck past while Untold was distracting me? (Told you I was looking for filler games!) Aaaanyway - I'm hoping to have a flick through the Earth Reborn site for more info... after I've read through the Warcanto rules!

I also happened to stumble across the amazing (and image heavy!) ConceptShips blog - so you will be seeing more artwork popping up in the Blogs of Note, gentle reader.


  1. My EDF fleet is in a holding pattern at the moment (as I'm painting my Relthoza), but I think I might get cracking on them soon enough.

    As for Earth Reborn, I say go for it! It's a great game and can scratch that same itch that usually only skirmish miniature games can.

    Also, I'm happy I've finally discovered your blog! Lots of great stuff! :D


  2. It does look like a great game - I'll read up on the rules if I can first, but sci-fi would make a nice change from Descent!

    Sorry to take so long, had no internet for a week or so! Grrr.


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