Monday, 19 July 2010

Summer Projects

The main project for development over the summer is VIRUS (Variable Index Roll Under System) as an RPG system. I've found I like d% roll-under systems, but have always had a dislike for the arbitrary +/- modifiers - attributed to the fact that I'm terrible at mental arithmetic so it tends to make my head hurt, even under d20.

VIRUS is an expansion of THOGS that I developed... last year? It was fun to play, and worked the way I wanted it to, which was surprising! Sadly, it was overly complex and ruined by cheating, and VIRUS is being designed to counter those flaws. I'll be attempting to combine the (random) primary and secondary stats I loved from HarnMaster, DnD style "powers" or techniques, wound tracks as opposed to hit points, tiered skill trees and defaults for untrained skills, and intuitive difficulty scaling. Wish me luck!

Having seen Greywulf's latest renders, I'm pretty keen to get DAZ back out and have a go at some of my own too - and at least they could be used to illustrate the VIRUS books, and some cards for a couple of games I have in the pipeline!

(Virus Games also needs a finished website some point...)

I also need to get the print 'n' play pdf of Loop sorted and released, and begin work on the Critical Injury cards - they're needed for VIRUS anyway, but it would be nice if they felt a bit more "professional" so we'll see how they go, and if people want them for other systems.

There's also a fleet to paint, worlds to invent, and work to start on 15mm Infinity (at some point!)


  1. Greywulf also go me thinking about starting up DAZ, but for me it would be like dipping my toes into the cold lake.

    Probably not ready to take the plunge.


  2. It's actually pretty easy to do the basic stuff - and DAZ is free, too... It's just when I try to customise or pose anything that it gets to be a headache!


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