Sunday, 18 July 2010

Return to RPG-dom?

Multipurpose purchase possibility: Battlestations!

Originally spotted when I was looking around for a board to play Starmada on, which it has, Battlestations is a pulp sci-fi RPG/boardgame hybrid that actually looks like it might fit our short-term filler-game needs as well...

Although we have the minis and whatever for fantasy RPGs, pulpy sci-fi has always appealed to me: whether Slipstream for Savage Worlds or Mindjammer for FATE, or whatever else. 15mm SF minis are readily available in the UK, and I'm planning a sci-fi(ish) setting for my own system when I ever actually get time to write stuff down, so why not go for it..?

Deadlands is still on the cards, and on hold, but the cardboard miniatures I downloaded seem to have gone down like a lead balloon with my group. Ah well.

Dave may well step in and continue his FantasyCraft campaign, which would be great as I'm itching to play something, but otherwise it looks like I may need to get something sorted for when we tire of blowing each other into space-junk...

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