Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Your help needed!

I'm getting a few hits now, so I'd appreciate your input - regular reader or not - into the blog...

It's starting to feel a bit messy to me, with RPGs, boardgames and wargaming starting to creep in too - should I split the site? Are the filtered feeds actually any use?

Do people actually care about session reports? Not many other blogs have 'em, you see.

I'm considering starting up a blog list/aggregator as I generally come here to read my favourite blogs (see sidebar) so I thought hey, what the hell: why not set up some kind of community for all these niches I seem to be trying to squeeze into one blog? Is that all one sentence? Wow.

Please tell me what you think!!


  1. With regard to posting about game sessions, here's how it went down at Roleplaying Pro. Sam started up his site and was looking for direction. When he started posting about the sessions I ran him and the rest through, I thought it was cool (you know, it being MY session and all, posted on the net).

    A month later he stopped posting the sessions because they got so few hits. I was disappointed at first, then I realized I didn't like reading about other people's sessions either. So it's a full circle, I guess.

    I will tell you this: I would only read game session posts if there was some sort of lesson involved for me to pick up on. That would be cool. I just don't dig the play-by-play.

    As far as splitting the blog, I wouldn't do it. Make Plastic Polyhedra your super site - as long as everything is in the same ballpark, go to town. Variety is the spice of life, right? And your site has a cool, memorable name. Look at Critical-Hits, they have a few different categories, yet they do really well.


  2. Hey! Where are the posts?!


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