Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Khurasan down! Suggest a 15mm force for me??

Just heard that Khurasan minis has closed down until the autumn ... so much for the Vespulids for our homebrew wargaming rules then!

So, my options now are:

  • Back to my pre-waspid idea of GZG NAC troopers and wheeled tanks - low tech, possibly Chinese / Asian Confederation (People's, obviously) army... purely 'cos I love the trikes, but we have no rules for them yet.

  • Original plan of GZG (again) grav-sleds, possibly accompanied by UNSC - high tech, likely to be tied into my Martian rebels for [Starmada] - the ACEF.  Not very near future though?


  1. Critical Mass has some cool mercenary teams that might fit the bill. Also check Rebel Minis.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! Loving the Astagar and the blockheads (for robots maybe?) but the merc packs are pretty cool - I like the mix of minis, and Cap'n Bytt's Hired Guns are definitely going to feature somewhere.

    Roll on payday!

    [edit] ...and the Protolene Khanate fill a similar hole to the Khurasan Felids I was lookign at too... Best get the HoTT stuff painted up![/edit]


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