Saturday, 26 February 2011

Gaming with the kids: starting small

Trying to get my children into gaming... this is going to be an ongoing project!

Last night we played Battleships, which is supposedly for 5+ but a bit beyond my 5 year old... not enough action to engage him.

This morning we've all had a fun game of MiltonBradley's Pac-man game: A trip down memory lane for me, a fun tactical experience for my eldest and a counting / gobbling giggle for the two year old.  And aimed at 7+ too!

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  1. Have we ever mentioned that we love your background. We suppose you wanted to make sure that people knew what your blog's title referred to eh?

    This post is pure genius. We'd love to hear more about the intermediate stages of your masterplan to induct your children!

  2. Thanks!

    More to come definitely - I'm trying to get the big 'un back into HeroScape as we speak.


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