Friday, 4 February 2011

Friday Freebie: LEGO wargaming!

(c) Mike Rayhawk 
Pirates vs Ninjas!  Blacktron vs Atlanteans!  Romans vs Police!?

This week's free game is the amazing BrikWars tabletop minifig wargame - quirky and beautifully illustrated, and available in online rulebook form HERE and handy downloadable pdf HERE for all your genre defying death-dealing needs.

The appeal of this game is nicely summed up by the the rulebook:

In their most dignified form, BrikWars battles pay witness to lovingly crafted scenarios and intricate models, presided over by serious wargamers and careful strategic thought. Such battles, while common, are completely inappropriate. Dignity and BrikWars go together like one Mega Blok with another: while they appear to fit together at first glance, their attachment is brief and doomed to violent mutual repulsion.
BrikWars battles take place in a world of minifigs, and the minifig species draws its heritage from generations of hard-fought survival in the toy chests of six-year-old boys. Whether knights, spacemen, construction workers, or chefs, their souls thrill with the racial memory of a time when a toy's highest calling was to do joyous and bloody battle with all challengers. In that primordial toybox, it didn't matter if one toy was a fire truck and the other was a teddy bear, or if two toys were built to incompatible scales or originated from unrelated eras. It didn't matter whether they had anything to fight about. Combat and danger were ends in themselves.
 Have at you!

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