Wednesday, 23 February 2011

15mm Infinity: The concept

It's an idea I've had in my head for ages now, having played Infinity and liked it - but not having the cash to buy the (frankly beautiful) minis or the time to convert and paint them in a manner that would do them justice:

15mm scale Infinity!

OK... why?  Because I've been looking for a decent skirmish game for ages, and I like the way Infinity plays - and I could get much more mileage from, for example, Ground Zero's 15mm StarGrunt SF range as far as troop minis go.  Plus there's little need to convert for the right standard/support/heavy weapon types as they've a pretty comprehensive range, whereas the Infinity minis - at least when I first got the beta rules - were pretty limited.

As 40k players, my group have a lot of Gothic ruins terrain to play around in at 28mm scale, but I really don't feel that it fits with the Infinity feel...  Being utterly awestruck and inspired by Matakishi's Infinity city table I really wanted to do the game justice - and experiment with modular terrain after seeing some great Necromunda ideas - and making new 15mm terrain would, I thought, be easier than making new 28mm.  That was, after all, one of the things that put me off playing Warmachine...

I don't really get that much time for the hobby side of things, but it's still a dream.  But first I need to get my ACEF fleet painted up for Starmada!

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