There's so much going on in the game-o-sphere... this is an open invitation to guest bloggers to test out blogger's post-by-email function!  We'll see how this goes...

  • Have your own blog but want to talk about a different type of gaming without diluting your space?
  • Interested in games, never put pen to paper before, but got something to say?
  • Want to share a free game or miniature(s) that would make a great Friday Freebie or Monday Mini?
  • Just played a new game and want to review it?
  • Got some tips on DMing / playing / character creation / world creation?
  • Got an idea for your own column?!

Email a guest post to: and I'll try to publish what I can... but reserve the right to edit.  Copyright remains with the author.  Links to your site are fine (encouraged!) when you sign off - I use this blog as a hub for my own geeking as much as anything else...

Note on shameless self promotion: If you're considering pimping your own stuff, why not use the link to mail me about featuring your product?  Any non-virtual review materials will be given away.  Please include a contact email as Blogger does not pass on the address the emails were sent from.  If you don't, I won't be able to reply!

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  1. I got a guest post from someone asking about linking to an online gaming guide - it sounds great but I didn't get your email (see new note above - d'oh) and couldn't find it on google...


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