Sunday, 19 June 2011

Father's Day present to all fellow geek dads!

Just got socks? I thought I'd share a code I got emailed for 20% off at RPGNow, valid for any and all of:

4e Players: Hero's Handbook: Dragonborn for those who feel drawn to the new dragon-blooded race, and Amethyst: Foundations for SF/Fantasy crossover goodness.

Mech Warriors: Heavy Gear Blitz, which I'd recommend a read of - and play if I could - and Mekton Zeta Plus.

Savage-worlders: Noir Knights for pulpy paranormality ... is that even a word?

Travellers: Judge Dredd for Traveller.  Um... It's Judge Dredd.  For Traveller.

Plus: The Inquisitor's Handbook for Dark Heresy, SF/Horror game Splicers, King Arthur Pendragon, and PDQ-based Ninja Burger RPG.

I'll trust your integrity only to use it if you're a fellow dad, or buying for one...  Just enter HotJuneDrive2011 as a discount code, before the 10th of July. Apparently.

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