Sunday, 27 March 2011

Monday Mini: Gyrostabilised Monowheels!

After a few conversations* on Twitter, I realised how much I missed the old Orks from Rogue Trader / 2nd Ed. 40k... where everyone woz an individyool, and we cud let our creeative jooces flow...

(OK, I'll stop that now.)

If you have, or have ever had, an inner Greenskin - now is the time to set it free!  Orky bionic legs and monowheels return courtesy of, and we don't really care if we don't have the rules for them anymore 'cos we're Orkses!!  Plus Maxmini have spacey-versions of the Orc heads from last week's Rollin' With It for that Freebooter look, which make me wish I could play Gorkamorka.

* I say "conversations" - it generally involved me WAAAAGH!ing into the void and/or complaining about how much more character they used to have... like when firing the guns on a warbike used to make it turn randomly...
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