Monday, 14 March 2011

Monday Minis: SuperDeformed Kobolds!

Flicking idly through some con pics, I happened upon these kobold minis:  Not weak and weedy first level sword fodder here - these Kobold Ironscales from SodaPop Minis are refreshing, as are the rest of the range, in a world where everything seems to be getting a little bit samey...

Rise up, my kobold minions!  You shall no longer suffer being small and weak, laughed at even by those heroes who lack a BAB...  You shall become both tough-looking and slightly cute, to gently terrorise players in a bungling-but-potentially dangerous manner.  As Zelda afficionados will only be too aware, your cuddly appearance shall lure them into a false sense of security..!

Ahem.  These are from an upcoming game, featuring similarly large-headed heroes, but would be great on a D&D table too ... view the whole range here!

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