Monday, 28 February 2011

Monday Mini: Captain of Swords (giveaway)

As promised in Friday's update - this 40mm VSF mini is up for grabs (or the Faerie Emissary) to anyone who's read the Skrapyard rules...

Just go HERE and give your details and the name of one of the other Skrapyard characters - I'll roll a thematic d12 to choose one of the first 12 correct answers and pass the winner on to Precinct Omega.  Then delete all the submissions 'cos I really don't want your email addresses...

Good luck, and if no-one enters I look forward to keeping this very nice mini to myself!

And don't forget today's the last day to download the beta rules before they get replaced with the stripped-down free version...


  1. It's not over 'til the fat lady sings - but the d12 of destiny has spoken and we have a winner!

    Congratulations to the one known as Varagon, your details have been passed to Precinct Omega as I type...

    Thanks for your entries.

  2. I"m a little slow on responding, but thanks!

    Glad I found your blog and looked around. I purchased Precinct Omega's second mini so I have both models in the line now (the package arrived today).

    I'll do a mini review on my blog when I get some spare time.

    Thanks again!

  3. No problem - feel free to drop us a link to the review when you're done. :-D


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