Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Monday (ahem) Mini: Twilight Knight

From kingdomdeath.com
I'm not usually a fan of scantily clad fantasy minis... but I was looking into 3D printed miniatures after browsing through all the spaceships on shapeways.com when I stumbled upon Kingdom Death.

From what I can gather: the minis are being made for an as-yet-unpublished game, and have 25mm base circles (so they'd fit into a standard Warmachine / Hordes style base) but seem to be more like 40mm to eye level.  Will people buy them just to paint up - and it seems from CMON that they already are - if they can't use them with standard 25/28mm figures in their wargames?

I do hope so - they've an interesting selection up to view so far, generally more horror than fantasy - and this one seemed to have them most "mass appeal".  I do like the not-too-big sword and her facial expression, wonder if we'll see a version in more appropriate battledress?


  1. "I'm not usually a fan of scantily clad fantasy minis"

    I am!

  2. OK ... so I may have told a tiny fib... ;)

    My gripe is that too many seem to be a poorly sculpted excuse for a bit of T&A, but I guess that's a standard fantasy trope.

    Your blog got lost in the blogroll reshuffle BTW - I assume you're just posting on StufferShack these days?

  3. Yeah, I'm not much of a blabber, so I'm really having trouble getting into my own blog. When inspiration hits, I'd much rather write for Stuffer Shack.


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