Friday, 16 July 2010

The Vraaaken are coming.........

Sir, i've got something on the long range scanner. It's Firing! Brace for Impa....................


  1. Aliens?

    My god - scramble the fleet to intercept!!

    (Thanks Nat, give us some pics/details when you can...)

  2. Looking forward to more details on this new faction for our Starmada Game.

  3. Hmm, minis haven't arrived yet. hoping they'll be here for tomorrow night.
    the Vraaaken currently have only the Vak'makh'ta escort and the Vok'rek'hkk cruiser statted. The destroyer is WIP, but i think i need to cross reference with the full rules, as the trial version i have downloaded has the whole middle section missing.

    However, i am extremely excited about playing the sinister forces of the Alien against you fragile humans.

    I have decided the Vraaaken are a race of bipedal humanoids from outside the charted galaxy. From their homeworld of Vraaak, they seek new worlds to support their expanding race and are pursuing an aggressive expansion in to the human systems. They are a highly advanced culture, with vast technological capabilities. even their smallest ships can pose a great threat when armed with the Vok'dr'ka.

  4. I can fill you in on rules - sounds very exciting, what's your ship design doctrine etc?

    Playing at mine this week? If so, can someone bring a mat 'n' stuff? Yes, dear readers, we are wild.


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