Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Your help needed!

I'm getting a few hits now, so I'd appreciate your input - regular reader or not - into the blog...

It's starting to feel a bit messy to me, with RPGs, boardgames and wargaming starting to creep in too - should I split the site? Are the filtered feeds actually any use?

Do people actually care about session reports? Not many other blogs have 'em, you see.

I'm considering starting up a blog list/aggregator as I generally come here to read my favourite blogs (see sidebar) so I thought hey, what the hell: why not set up some kind of community for all these niches I seem to be trying to squeeze into one blog? Is that all one sentence? Wow.

Please tell me what you think!!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

And the main reason...

...that there's been little activity: I've started making my own games properly - not just the ever-in-development VIRUS RPG, the first off the press is Loop. I'm building the site for my stuff now, so it's not going to pollute this page after this.

Next project: critical hit / failure cards for d20 / GURPS / Savage Worlds / and of course, VIRUS...

Finally: Deadlands!

"Rockin'horse" McTire's in big trouble because of that big mouth of hers...

Having struggled to get all the survivors off the train - due to in-party dithering - the posse ran into a swarm of prairie ticks while trying to get to a nearby town. These little things are pretty nasty; they crawl down your throat, suck out your blood, and eventually burst you from the inside - and they got into five of the ten survivors!

Leaving Big John and Obadiah to move the wounded on to civilisation, Mary-Lou (that's Rockin'horse to you) rode on ahead to get help.

However, being the ballsy gal she is, she ended up getting drunk and shooting her mouth off at the town's stand-in Sherrif - who's the Texas Ranger I was trying to slip in for a later plot hook. Damn. Managed to steer her away from a duel, at least...

Having left the town "to go send a telegram," the Sherrif left things wide open for a gang of outlaws to loot and pillage. Luckily, the posse gave them a good kicking - although John nearly took a dirt nap in the process - leaving the town safe. What will happen when the Ranger gets back, however, is anyone's guess...

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Tyranids - The end of an era?

I've been thinking about my 'nids lately, after seeing a game a couple of weeks ago using the new rules.

I've been well into tyranids since 2nd Ed Warhammer 40,000, and to me the last codex was pretty much what made them stand out from the crowd. Biomorphs and +/- Strength weaponry were cool, and gave the 'nids a completely different feel. The new codex destroys that for me, replacing our modified critters with a whole load of unnecessary new ones - maybe to stop people magnetising their 'fexes and get them buying more models?

So: maybe it's time to forget about 40k and start playing something else? My current thoughts on the matter are:

* Switch to Necrons, as we don't have a 'cron player and I Less-Than-Three converting plastics?

* Play Infinity instead - but probably 15mm as I can't afford the (admittedly gorgeous) miniatures?

* Play the awesome looking Heavy Gear instead, although I'm not sure I can afford it??

Anyone got any better ideas?

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